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About this Project
Tenisopartneris.lt is a hub for tennis players to find partners and join tennis tournaments.
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We teamed up with Teniso Partneris to refresh their website and make it friendlier for tennis enthusiasts. Our work focused on updating the look and feel of the site, including a new user-friendly design, a fresh logo, and a bold new color scheme featuring vibrant orange and deep blue tones to bring energy and clarity to the platform.


Our task was to redesign a user-friendly website that makes it easier for tennis players to find partners and join tournaments. We needed to keep the website simple yet functional, allowing users to navigate with ease and without confusion. Ensuring the site appealed to all levels of tennis enthusiasts was key to our approach.


Our approach was straightforward. We redesigned the website with the user in mind, making sure every feature was easy to use. The new design lays out clear paths for users to join games and connect with others. The bright orange color brings a sense of excitement, while the dark blue adds a professional touch. The new logo is sleek and modern, giving the platform a fresh face that stands out in the world of tennis.


UX/UI design, Branding, Logo