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Victor Larson Architect is a beacon of innovation in the architectural world, dedicated to shaping the future through sustainable and practical design. With an identity that combines bold colors and minimalistic elegance, the firm stands out for its commitment to functionality and quality. The VLA logo—a simple, impactful representation of the firm's initials—mirrors their approach to architecture: clean, functional, and timeless. It's a visual stamp of the firm's ambition to create structures that are not just aesthetically pleasing but are built to last and inspire.


The task at hand was to craft a brand identity for Victor Larson Architect that would make a mark in the bustling world of architecture. The firm required a visual language that communicated its dedication to practical, high-quality design while also standing out for its commitment to sustainability. The identity needed to be as forward-thinking and functional as the architectural solutions the firm provides, appealing to a clientele that values both design innovation and environmental responsibility.


Victor Larson Architect's brand revamp brings a sleek, modern palette to the forefront. With Noir, Chrome, Dusty Grey, and Light Cloud, these colors were chosen for their classic and forward-thinking vibe, mirroring the company's commitment to top-notch, sustainable architecture. The logo has been simplified to a memorable monogram that's both stylish and straightforward. This clean approach is echoed across all branding materials for a consistent and impactful identity. The updated brand conveys the firm's dedication to designing meaningful, life-enhancing spaces while protecting the environment for the future.


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