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Strong brands last – here’s 5 reasons why

Rimvita K.
October 26, 2023

First things first, what is branding?

Many people use the terms' brand' and 'business' interchangeably, but in truth, you can't have one without the other. A strong business with a weak brand will struggle to be noticed, whereas a strong brand with a weak business behind it is nothing more than an illusion.

But what does this tell us about what branding is? It tells us that you can have the greatest product, the most impressive service, but if your company has a blank, soulless brand face, customers will never buy in to you.

A successful business is about strategy, and your brand should be a core part of this strategy. Creating an identity for your business not only helps customers to remember you, but to relate to you. With strong visuals, memorable styling, and authentic values, your brand should be the friendly face of your business that all your customers want to see.

However, it's no easy task to create a successful brand, so is it worth the effort?
We've broken down five of the key benefits a strong brand can offer you and your business – read on to find out.

1. Brand recognition

A red can of soda with a white cursive font. We don't even need to say the name, do we? You instantly know that we're talking about Coca-Cola. This is a perfect example of a global product with excellent brand recognition one consumer can identify in a heartbeat.  

The key factor in building brand recognition is consistency – ensuring your brand is consistent across different storefronts, websites, apps, or advertising – wherever you present your business. Building a brand that remains in the mind of your target market means strong recall each time they need to make a purchase.

However, this is no overnight process. Before brand recognition comes brand awareness, at which stage your audience is aware you exist, even if they are not yet ready to buy. Brand recognition comes only when the components of your brand are recognisable by themselves – think Coca-Cola's classic red colouring or Nike's 'swoosh'.

Keep it consistent and unique, and your customers will remember you when it comes time to buy.

2. Trust and consistency

Studies have shown that consumers are more willing to recommend a brand they trust to a friend (90%) as well as to choose a well-trusted brand over others (82%).

It's a simple equation, really. A quality product + a trustworthy producer = customers that want to come back. Here is where the value of strategic brand building comes into play.

We, humans, are creatures of habit and, for the most part, we aren't too fond of the unknown. People like to know what they're getting – especially when it involves spending their money.

But in order to be consistent, you need a strict set of standards for your people to follow across the board. If people trust the level of service and quality of your product, it removes one of their biggest worries by giving them confidence in what they will receive.

This consistency should bleed through every aspect of your business, including your social media activity and tone of voice. If you can create a living, breathing personality for your brand, you will capture the attention of your target audience much more effectively.

People buy from people, so make your brand human.

3. Connect deeper than a transaction

How do you decide who you associate yourself with? How much do you enjoy your experiences with them, their values, and what they believe in? Well, switch the friend for a brand, and you've got a good idea of what consumers are looking for.

In 2022, people are more aware than ever of classic sales tactics and meaningless corporate gestures designed to 'trick' consumers into buying. You've probably heard of 'greenwashing', a label for companies who spend more time and money marketing themselves as 'environmentally friendly' than they actually spend on minimising their environmental impact.

Authenticity is invaluable and a huge part of the modern wave of business – people can tell when you're not being genuine.

Emotionally connected customers are believed to be twice as valuable as highly satisfied customers, being less likely to reject a product due to price or competitors. This means if your customers buy into your brand and what it stands for, you're no longer just another company to them.

However, we can all see through an insincere front, so find your brand's cause and make it authentic.

4. Consumer confidence

Let's jump back to the Coca-Cola example from earlier. We've established when you see that famous red, you can know exactly what it is, but it begs the question - 'so what?'.

Well, when you see the can on a shelf or an advertisement, you don't only see Coke. You also see a guarantee of flavour, quality, and prestige. You don't need to consider for a second whether it is worth the price, as you have confidence that it is.

But let's take it even further than that. World-class brand recognition and high consumer confidence have made Coca-Cola arguably the global face of soft drinks. So much so that you don't even need to see the can or hear the name to think of it; you merely have to think of soft drinks.

Hosting a party and need to get some drinks everyone will like? Coke. It's a super-hot day outside, and you need something ice cold that will hit the spot? Coke. We're at a point now where Coca-Cola feels like one of those things that have always been around and always will be, like an old friend.

A strong, consistent brand breathes confidence into your audience – and confidence drives action.

5. Be what your customers see – visual branding

One thing all global 'super brands' have in common is a memorable design and visual identity. Take a second and imagine you're walking into a Starbucks, or a McDonald's, or an IKEA – we're willing to bet you can visualise the store in your head.

Strong, recognisable visuals help create a memorable experience that reflects your brand's core values. Speaking for ourselves, we know that when we go to IKEA, we're not just going to pick up an item or two; we're going for the full walkthrough experience. This is a visual experience no other brand can offer. This is what keeps people coming back.

IKEA's tagline is 'creating a better everyday life for the many people', and each of its stores are filled with a great variety of home layouts, incorporating different styles and functions. This is a perfect representation of their brand, as a walk through the store showcases just how IKEA products can create great everyday lives.  

Brand identity design is by no means the first thing you should focus on, but it will certainly be the first thing your audience thinks of at the mention of your name.

Invest in your brand and reap the rewards

It takes considerable time to construct an identity that not only portrays what you and your brand are about, but also captures the attention of your audience. Many brand visions will be born and die in a flash, but those which are formed with authenticity, innovation, and honesty will stand the test of time.

Take the time to discover your creative identity and identify what makes you different, then build a living, breathing brand which resonates with today's consumers.
Once you've done that, your brand will tell your customers far more than any person ever could.